Codi Group

we care and create the difference

Codi Group

Europe’s leading manufacturer

of wet wipes


We work to be the environmentally cleanest developer and manufacturer of wet wipes in Europe by combining high level innovation and knowledge for improving convenience levels. We offer customized wipes for baby, personal and household care. In addition, we are specialized and certified to produce wipes for medical and institutional purposes.


We care and create the difference

Codi Group

Codi Group is the umbrella of three companies within the wet wipes industry: Codi International BV, Incare BV and Innovate GmbH. These companies combined have over 60 years of experience in the world of wet wipes. Codi Group features three state-of-the-art production facilities, two in The Netherlands and one in Germany, all fully equipped with supply chain and a central R&D division. We are completely designed to develop high quality wet wipes. Codi Group produces over 210 million pieces of consumer packages annually. Our customers range from premium brand multinationals, European retailers, and institutional parties. We ship our wet wipes to over 40 countries.


Leading player 
Codi Group plays a leading role in Europe for the market of high quality, sustainable wet wipes. Sustainability is the only way of doing business for us. Hygiene is one of our top priorities.


Active Capital Company

Since 2017 the Codi Group is part of  Active Capital Company (ACC). An independent hands-on private equity company. Active Capital Company considers corporate social responsibility to go hand in hand with successful entrepreneurship. In all their investments sustainable environmental management in combination with people’s safety is paramount. This is achieved through a comprehensive workflow within each portfolio company to ensure the right principles regarding quality, safety and the environment are adhered to.

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