Our people

Our people


Codi Group employs over 300 professionals. They are aware that each separate phase in the development of wet wipes is important. Therefore, we go the extra mile. ‘Getting better every day’, that’s our motto. We have safe workspaces to enable our people to do their job safely, physically and mentally. We work safely or we do not work at all. There’s an open and accessible atmosphere. We are one team, together with our customers and suppliers. Codi Group, a great and safe place to work, loved by our customers.


Not only is our production process sustainable, but so is our personnel management. Talents and skills are constantly tested and developed further. Our workforce is varied, in age as well as in gender and background. Our people are loyal and eager to move forward.

Learning organization

Codi Group is a so-called learning organization. Education, training, and continuing education are secured within our organization. Codi Group offers a stimulating working environment where talents may excel and continue to grow. Besides that, we provide our employees with a modern, safe, and informal workplace.

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