Our values

I’m safe

At Codi group the well-being of our employees is our first priority. We can only adhere to our Core values Together, Reliable, Advanced and Sustainable if our people are able to do their work safely; physically and mentally. We work safely or we don’t work at all! We provide safe workspaces and there is an accessible and open atmosphere. Codi Group: a great and safe place to work, loved by our customers.


ONE team! Only by working together we can achieve our goals. At Codi Group we are one team, as colleagues and within our companies. In cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We create a strong relationships, built on trust, transparency and honesty.


Reliable for us means that we walk the talk and deliver quality. A business partner you can rely on! We produce according to the industry and the required certifications standards of quality, environmental protection and safety.


Getting better every day! That’s our motto. We are constantly improving our products. We are advanced; producing innovative, high qualified products. In accordance with our customers we provide sustainable solutions for producing and developing wipes.


We strive to produce wet wipes with less or no impact to the environment. By 2021 we will have reduced the use of plastics and CO2 emission by 50%. As many waste products as possible are reused or recycled. We strongly focus on reducing water and electricity. We take a great responsibility for the environment and the future generation. We believe that sustainable business is the only way of doing business.

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