Why Codi

Why Codi?

Our motto is: “Improving every day.” This can only be achieved by working with enthusiastic professionals. Why should you work at Codi as an enthusiastic professional? We would like to take you through this by telling you more about our great organization & our ambitious goals.

Work environment and culture

At Codi Group there’s an open and collegial spirit. Our core value ‘Together’ is leading in this. You can compare our teamwork with a relay race. The succes of a team is depending on the contribution and effort of every individual. This is also charastaristic for the Codi Group. Only together, as ONE team we can achieve the best results. And good results, we celebrate together.


As a professional within the Codi Group you will be able to do your work optimally. As a good employer we will coach our employees to develop. Codi Group a great and safe place to work, loved by our customers.


We are heading for the top 3 of Europe. This requires innovation and transition. To realize this, training and development of our employees is essential.

Great changes have been made, in particular in the field of sustainability. Our employees are proud to be part of the Codi Group.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities at Codi are worth mentioning. Several employees have grown internally within Codi to their current positions. Talents will also have the opportunity to continue their career at Active Capital Company, our investor.

At last…

We gladly informed you about the working environment at the Codi Group. Have we aroused your interest and would you like to contribute to our ambitions and goals? Please check out our vacancies.

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