Codi Group strives, together with you, to expand the market of wet wipes, and thereby making it more profitable. One way in which we achieve that is by constantly developing new concepts and ideas and by continually improving our products.

Wet wipes in schappen vliegveld

Competitor product database
We produce wet wipes for various categories and channels. This gives us the knowledge of which products are ideal for these segments and channels. Our customer competitor database is a great tool for monitoring the market and showing you where the greatest opportunities lie. It helps you and the Codi team to optimize your business and to increase the returns in your category. You may also use this to your advantage in promotional areas, such as for example in the increasing range of multi-pack solutions. Codi Group helps you take the most out of your wipes category.

Wipe your world

Wipe your World
Wet wipes play an ever increasing part in people’s lives. These days, consumers attach a lot of value to convenience and hygiene.

Our clients
At Codi Group, we believe in a close and honest relationship with our clients. A solid relationship is the cornerstone of our business.