Co-creation is the road that leads to your own strong brand of wet wipes. We actively help you move from initial concept to a fully-fledged product launch. Co-Creation also serves to optimize an existing concept. Our knowledge of consumers, sustainability and technology aids us in helping you create the best proposition for your market. If you so choose, we assemble a team to develop a product-, packaging-, and price-proposition that is 100% attuned to your wishes.


Action Plan
Together, we aim at achieving a top position in the market for your brand of wipes. During the 7-step process, we assist you in researching the existing ideas. You, as the commissioner, will remain in charge in every phase of the process.


1. Your customer as the starting point
2. Data, trends and consumer insights
3. Inspiring ideas tested in actual practice
4. The best nonwoven materials
5. The proper innovative liquids
6. The right (sustainable) packaging
7. Integrated processes


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Our clients
At Codi Group, we believe in a close and honest relationship with our clients. A solid relationship is the cornerstone of our business.


Team Codi Group

About us
Codi International BV was established in 1978. Codi International BV produces every conceivable application for premium brands, private labels, and institutional clients.