Successful products all have one thing in common: they were developed with the consumer foremost in mind. Following that very strategy, Codi Group produces wet wipes for premium brands and private labels. We use data, trends and consumer panels to formulate distinctive propositions for our clients. We fully employ the use of our labs, our R&D department and independent consumer tests. Codi Group will help you gain a great deal of loyal customers, along with an added value for your category.


Codi Group is intimately familiar with the European market for wet wipes. We bring a great store of knowledge to the table with regard to the dynamics in the wipes market. We also have insights and research at our disposal that shows what it is that influences consumers, and what they consider relevant.

Were you aware, for example, that in the Netherlands wet wipes are used to a significant degree to clean iPads, TVs, smartphones, and the like?

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Owing to desk research, store checking and years of expertise, Codi Group possesses a clear vision of the future of wet wipes in Europe. Our knowledge of the market is both broad as well as deep. Moreover, we fully employ the use of our labs, our R&D department and independent consumer tests. This enables us to offer tangible propositions to our clients and their consumers. Everything focuses at developing a profitable proposition.


Codi Group strives, together with you, to expand the market of wet wipes, and thereby making it more profitable. One way in which we achieve that is by constantly developing new concepts and ideas and by continually improving our products.

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Co-creation is the road that leads to your own strong brand of wet wipes. We actively help you move from initial concept to a fully-fledged product launch. Co-Creation also serves to optimize an existing concept. Our knowledge of consumers, sustainability and technology aids us in helping you create the best proposition for your market. If you so choose, we assemble a team to develop a product-, packaging-, and price-proposition that is 100% attuned to your wishes.