Codi Group is intimately familiar with the European market for wet wipes. We bring a great store of knowledge to the table with regard to the dynamics in the wipes market. We also have insights and research at our disposal that shows what it is that influences consumers, and what they consider relevant.

Were you aware, for example, that in the Netherlands wet wipes are used to a significant degree to clean iPads, TVs, smartphones, and the like?

Meisje op potje

Know your consumer
Know your consumer, and you’ll know which concepts sell best. In close collaboration with consumer panels in various countries, we create insights that aid us in formulating the right proposition for any market or sales channel. These insights lie at the heart of the winning propositions we develop for our clients. Consecutively, we help you make the translation from these insights into a custom-tailored advice for your market and sales channel.

Wipe your World
Wet wipes play an ever increasing part in people’s lives. These days, consumers attach a lot of value to convenience and hygiene.

At Codi International we gladly put our best foot forward.