Know what to flush!

Is it obvious for you which wet wipes are allowed to be flushed in the toilet?

Flushable wet wipes meet the manufacturers test method (from Edana: Guidance Document for Assessing the Flushability of Nonwoven Consumer Products). A wet wipe is flushable if:

  • the wipe is contaminated with human faeces of urine
  • the wipe is used in a bathroom or toilet
  • with normal use in the toilet, the sewage and wastewater treatment no clogging occurs
  • the wipe is safe and disposable within reasonable time


The animation explains which kind of wet wipes you’re allowed to flush:

We confirm that the nonwoven material used in flushable toileting products meet the test method. We are member of the Edana and we convert the material according to their guidelines.

We advice our customers to indentify the non flushable products the DNF – Do not flush symbol visible on the wipe package, in order to guide the consumer not to flush the wipes into the sewer network.

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