Without innovation, there can be no growth and that’s our motto, too at Codi Group. We strive to embrace the enormous technological advances we experience within our company. That is why we invest great amounts of time and money in quality-control systems and R&D, but also in state of the art production and logistic facilities. This enables us to produce wet wipes for all possible purposes, using the latest technologies and building upon the newest insights and trends. All the while, we amply meet the industry’s quality standards.


Codi Group strives to be a reliable business partner. We develop our products based on the specifications you have supplied us with. Needless to say, we also meet each and every legal requirement. Our aim ever remains to deliver the highest quality.

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Codi Group is one of the very few wet wipes producers with in-house expertise in the area of liquids and emulsions. We develop, mix and produce our own. Years of experience enable us to continually develop new and improved liquids. On many occasions, we do so together with our clients and consumers.


Codi Group works with first-rate manufacturing equipment, both Interfold and Cross. Most of these machines are automated fully inline. New techniques and technological developments contribute to a cost-efficient and sustainable production process. The use of a Warehouse Management System, Automated Guided Vehicles, and Robotics, also plays a big role in achieving that. Codi is greatly inspired by Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. We constantly professionalize and optimize our facilities to achieve higher efficiency.



Codi Group closely collaborates with its partners in the supply chain, both on the client side as well as on the supplier side. That way, we guarantee consumers the best possible service. Furthermore, we attempt to minimize surplus supplies throughout the entire supply chain.