We develop our products based on the specifications you have supplied us with. Needless to say, we also meet each and every legal requirement. Our aim remains to deliver the highest quality.

Quality Assurance (QA) is our department that deals with quality within Codi Group. We hold that quality is all about achieving and delivering the agreed upon product specifications within the allotted timeframe. Our operations are based upon a thoroughly sound Quality Management System (QMS). New technologies remain an important influence in our ever-improving quality.

Goal-oriented culture
Quality is not simply a matter for the QA department. It requires total commitment of the entire organization. On each level and within each department. Based on a culture that is aimed at achieving the agreed goals. Our QA department monitors all processes that are necessary to achieve this. In this way, we reach an optimal end-product for our customers.

Kwaliteit controleren


Codi Group is one of the very few wet wipes producers with in-house expertise in the area of liquids and emulsions. We develop, mix and produce our own. Years of experience enable us to continually develop new and improved liquids. 


State of the art mixing facility
Our state of the art mixing and liquid making facility permits us to completely produce even the most complicated recipes in-house.
At the base of each liquid is the very high quality of water that is typical to the Netherlands. We are able to adjust this water quality to meet the specific demands of our clients.


Private laboratory
Codi Group hosts its own laboratory with a dedicated division for microbiology. Because of that, we conduct virtually all necessary inspections and developments ourselves. These include microbiological control, stability and challenge tests according to certified international standards.


Expertise within the team
Codi Group has combined its expertise regarding liquids, commodities, technology, concepts, and product development within one team. The extensive experience of our specialists guarantees an efficient process.


Our company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery. Together with our OEMs, we installed all our equipment with Industry 4.0 technologies. With this in place, we have better visibility across our entire supply chain, and it provides us real-time data to improve our processes and systems. It makes it possible to identify bottlenecks and other supply chain problems before they have an impact on production line output. All this machine data allows us to create virtual representations of key assets, processes, and facilities. We are constantly identifying and managing potential inefficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Adding additional sensors on specific processes in our factory, we are able to monitor energy usage more closely and gave us the opportunity to create a mass-balance. This technology has helped us already to reduce our CO2 emission with more than 25%. Without all this machine data, we couldn’t have done it so rapidly.

We care and create the difference!

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Codi Group closely collaborates with its partners in the supply chain, both on the client side as well as on the supplier side. That way, we guarantee consumers the best possible service. Furthermore, we attempt to minimize surplus supplies throughout the entire supply chain.

Logistic Efficiency
Logistics plays a major role within the supply chain. Codi Group hosts a fully automated warehouse. Our AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) allow us to work as efficiently as possible and to reduce overhead. All in all, Codi has a high measure of automation. We work in accordance with GS1-standards. Our flexible work ethic and the deployment of our own Codi-transportation also contribute to our ability to supply our clients in a highly efficient manner.