Codi Group works with first-rate manufacturing equipment, both Interfold and Cross. Most of these machines are automated fully inline. New techniques and technological developments contribute to a cost-efficient and sustainable production process. The use of a Warehouse Management System, Automated Guided Vehicles, and Robotics, also plays a big role in achieving that. Codi is greatly inspired by Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. We constantly professionalize and optimize our facilities to achieve higher efficiency.


Liquid blending facility
Codi Group has an in-house liquid blending facility that is completely computer-controlled. The water that is used, meets all current standards and any client-specific demands.


Our liquid blending facility features the following options:

  • Liquids of both high and low viscosity
  • Warm emulsions
  • Foam
  • Alcoholic formulas

Cleaning protocols
We have fully integrated the web based Overall Equipment Effectiveness system and Key Performance Indicators in our quality-control system. This totally completes the optimization of the production process. Our working with up-to-date cleaning protocols guarantees a high level of hygiene.


Scaling-up production
Codi Group is capable of rapidly and adequately scaling-up as the market demands. Codi personnel are all-round and can be deployed flexibly. Furthermore, we employ a flexible layer and the operator personnel is constantly trained on the manufacturing lines.

Codi Group has been using a work center for over 25 years, already. Over here, people with a distance to the labor market are given the opportunity to perform manual labor.


Codi Group strives to be a reliable business partner. We develop our products based on the specifications you have supplied us with.