A package of wet wipes

A package of wet wipes consist of:

  • Wipes (non-woven)
  • Foil (packaging)
  • Label or lid
  • Liquid (the wipes are impregnated)


Codi has several sustainable options for all components. Our team of specialists gladly inform you.

Non-woven (wipe)

Wipes are made of non-woven. Non-woven is made directly from fibers, which are neither woven nor knitted. We are able to produce wipes in different sizes and grammages. We have a choice of various types of (sustainable) non-wovens. For example 100% Viscose, fully  plastic-free. We can even produce wipes containing recycled paper.

Foil (packaging)

We have various (sustainable) options in foil, for example monolaminate. Monolaminate consists of a single layer and is recycle ready. in addition, the foil is thinner and contains less plasticThere are also packaging options that are bio-based. We will be happy to inform you about the various sustainable options.


Liquid or emulsion

The application of the wipe is mainly determined by the liquid with which it is impregnated. In Codi’s own laboratory we develop liquids. For example, a liquid may be contain 99% of water. Or contain an emulsion to remove make-up. We have a wide choice of natural liquids with natural ingredients.

Label or lid

To open a package, you can choose a label or a lid. There are different kinds. For example a semi-rigid label. Or a lid made of recycled material.


There are different ways to fold a wipe. A cross-fold is very compact and you will get one wipe a time. This fold is often used for facial wipes. When you need more wipes a time, the interfold is ideal. A following wipe pops up by pulling a wipe out of the package (moist toilet tissues and baby wipes). Easy and hygienic!