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Operational footprint

Codi Group is the umbrella of two companies within the wet wipes industry: Codi International BV and Innovate GmbH. Codi Group features two state-of-the-art production facilities, one in the Netherlands and one in Germany. Fully equipped with a supply chain and R&D division. Our wet wipes are shipped to over 40 countries. We focus on the European market.


Codi International BV was established in 1978 and produces every conceivable application for premium brands, private labels, and institutional clients. The automated production facility in Veenendaal (the Netherlands) is perfectly equipped to meet the needs of leading brands and large-scale retailers. All processes in the factory are automated. This enables us to produce wet wipes in a very cost-efficient way.

Codi International B.V.

Accustraat 10

3903 LX Veenendaal

The Netherlands


+31 (0) 318 564 811

Postal address: P.O. Box 417, 3900 AK Veenendaal

Pick up address: Accustraat 10, 3903 AX Veenendaal

Delivery address: De Smalle Zijde 37, 3903 LM Veenendaal


Innovate GmbH is located in Germany, Naumburg. Specialist and certified in the fields of professional wipes for healthcare (wash without water) and institutional (disinfection) surface cleaning. This includes also specialized packaging f.e. cans, buckets or stand-up pouches.

Innovate GmbH

Gewerbegebietsstraße 30

06618 Schönburg



+49 (0) 344 523 310