Our vision on sustainability is represented in the following 4 areas within our supply chain:


1 consumers:

  • we aim to develop products that are sustainable at a cost-efficient rate
  • we intend our consumers to be as aware as they can be with our products, both in using them as well as in disposing of the waste
  • we always deliver products that are safe


2 raw commodities:

  • we aspire to become less dependent on commodities based on oil. We continue to use more sustainable resources. This pertains in particular to commodities such as fibers, chemicals, and packaging materials
  • we prudently handle natural resources


3 production process:

  • we focus strongly on reducing water and electricity, as well as on reducing the amount of waste our production process creates
  • we maintain a strong focus on the safety and health of our employees
  • as many waste products as possible are reused or recycled
  • we enjoy a highly ethical awareness in all divisions of our company
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4 distribution:

  • we aim to reduce the CO2 emission throughout the entire distribution chain


New techniques and technological developments contribute to a cost-efficient and sustainable production process.


Codi Group strives to be a reliable business partner. We develop our products based on the specifications you have supplied us with.
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