Corporate responsability

Sustainable products

During manufacturing, Codi Group uses various internal programs that minimize environmental impact. We handle raw commodities frugally. We gladly show you how our products are used responsibly, both in application as well as in waste processing. Our products can be even greener as well in use as in waste. By 2021 we will have reduced the use of plastics and CO2 emission with 50%.

Maximum growth – minimal impact

We strive to impact the environment as little as possible throughout our entire operational management. We aim to achieve maximum growth while maintaining a minimal impact on the environment. Besides a minimal impact, we also endeavor to develop initiatives to reduce our left-over produce flows and to recycle refuse. Did you know, for example, that our non-woven production waste is given a second lifecycle in the automotive industry, where it is used in the production of dashboards?

Human capital 

People are our capital. That is why the wellbeing of our employees is held in high regard. “I’m  safe” is the most important pillar within our organization. A safe and pleasant working environment not only contributes to the growth of our people, it also contributes to the innovative force and growth of our company. Codi Group ensures a stimulating working environment where talents may excel and prosper.

Work center 

Codi Group has been using a work center for over 25 years, already. Over here, people with a distance to the labor market are given the opportunity to perform manual labor. We put our heart and soul into coaching these employees. They pride themselves on their contribution to the Codi Group.

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