Product Range

Baby wipes

Baby wipes for the delicate baby skin or wipes with or without a nice fragance. Codi has many options in this category. Our “water wipes” are suitable for a sensitive skin, pure with limited additives. We can develop wipes which are appropriate in your product range. A team of experts will advice you.

Facial wipes

Facial cleansing wipes to clean and care the face or to remove make-up, customised to various skin types like normal, dry or (very) sensitive skin. We also develop miscellair wipes. This is a special, water based technique. Ideal for sensitive skin. To thoroughly dissolve waterproof make-up, we provide a special emulsion.

Household wipes

Wet household wipes for multipurpose cleaning and usage, for several surfaces. Or special floor wipes to effectively cleaning floors. Codi has many options in this category for optimal hygiene.

Moist toilet tissues

Moist toilet tissues are made of wood fibers (pulp), just like normal toilet paper. We are also the only one with a highly sustainable option containing recycled pulp. This makes it soluble for toilet flushing. We offer various variants such as sensitive (without perfume) or with a nice scent.

Medical wipes

Hygiene and disinfection are of more importance than ever, especially in a medical environment. Our site Innovate GmbH is certified to produce disinfection wipes according to ISO-13485. We can provide these in various sizes.


Wash without water

For washing bedridden patients we have wet wash gloves. Wash gloves save time and effort as there is no need to use water and soap.