A package of wet wipes

A package of wet wipes consist of:

  • Wipes (non-woven)
  • Foil (packaging)
  • Label or lid
  • Liquid (the wipes are impregnated)


Codi has several sustainable options for all components. Our team of specialists gladly inform you.

Non-woven (wipe)

Wipes are made of non-woven. Non-woven is made directly from fibers, which are neither woven nor knitted. We are able to produce wipes in different sizes and grammages. We have a choice of various types of (sustainable) non-wovens. For example 100% Lyocell, fully biodegradable.

Foil (packaging)

There are also various (sustainable) options in foil. For example, thinner foil (less plastic) or foil based on sugar cane. We are happy to show you our options.


Liquid or emulsion

The application of the wipe is merely provided by the liquid with which it is impregnated.
In Codi’s own laboratory we develop liquids. For example, the liquid with which our water wipes are impregnated consists for 99% of water. Wipes for removing waterproof make-up consists of oil and water. Liquids can be dermatalogically tested, pH neutral, vegan etc, the so-called claims. Various ingredients can be added to the liquid, like natural perfumes, camomile, vitamins etc. We have all expertise in-house!

Label or lid

To open a package, you can choose a label or a lid. There are different kinds. For example a semi-rigid label. This label recloses very well. Lids can be oval or rectangular. Plenty of options. We are happy to advise you!


There are different ways to fold a wipe. A cross-fold is very compact and you will get one wipe a time. This fold is often used for facial wipes. When you need more wipes a time, the interfold is ideal. A next wipe appears if you take a wipe out of the package (moist toilet tissues and baby wipes). Easy and hygienic!