Codi Group strives to be a reliable business partner. We develop our products based on the specifications you have supplied us with. Needless to say, we also meet each and every legal requirement. Our aim ever remains to deliver the highest quality.


Quality Assurance (QA) is our department that deals with quality within Codi Group. We hold that quality is all about achieving and delivering the agreed upon product specifications within the allotted timeframe. Our operations are based upon a thoroughly sound Quality Management System (QMS). Novel technologies remain an important influence in our ever-improving quality.


Goal-oriented culture
Quality is not simply a matter for the QA department. It requires total commitment of the entire organization. On each level and within each department. Riding on a culture that is aimed at achieving the agreed goals. Our QA department monitors all processes that are necessary to achieve this. In this way, we reach an optimal end-product for our clients.

The most important focus points within QMS:

  1. Our buildings and equipment meet the highest standards concerning hygiene and maintenance. Our people are up-to-date regarding the latest developments in their area of expertise
  2. The most important production processes have been recorded in our QMS system and are continually monitored
  3. Thanks to our transparent quality controls, only the correct products are released for shipping
  4. Changes within the process are meticulously managed
  5. Quality concerns and complaints are used as learning tools in order to inform and to improve the system to an even greater degree
  6. We continually assess the process through internal audits

Codi Group gained all the necessary requirements for the production and provisioning of safe and legal consumer products. More information is avaible with Codi International and Incare.

During manufacturing, Codi Group uses various internal programs that minimize environmental impact

Machines in fabriek

New techniques and technological developments contribute to a cost-efficient and sustainable production process.