Codi Group is one of the very few wet wipes producers with in-house expertise in the area of liquids and emulsions. We develop, mix and produce our own. Years of experience enable us to continually develop new and improved liquids. On many occasions, we do so together with our clients and consumers.


Mengen in fabriek



State of the art mixing facility
Our state of the art mixing and liquid making facility permits us to completely produce even the most complicated recipes in-house.
At the base of each liquid is the very high quality of water that is typical to the Netherlands. We are able to adjust this water quality to cater to the specific demands of our clients.


Private laboratory
Codi Group hosts its own laboratory with a dedicated division for microbiology. Because of that, we conduct virtually all necessary inspections and developments ourselves. This includes, but does not pertain to microbiological inspections, stability-, and challenge-assays in accordance with international standards.


Innovation & Product development:
Codi Group keeps in close contact with consumers, clients, and suppliers. This allows us to perceive trends and developments in their earliest stages. Through our Co-Creation platform and our strategic client-meetings, we inform our clients about these trends and developments. Furthermore, we host an active program to increase the sustainability of our product line.


Expertise within the team
Codi Group has pooled its expertise regarding liquids, commodities, technology, concepts, and product development within one team. The extensive experience of our specialists guarantees an efficient process.