Personeel in sociale werkplaats

Sheltered workshop

At Codi International, we’d like to put in our two cents for social goals, as well. This means that, in our factory, we’ve made room for a sheltered workshop. Over here, people with a distance to the labor market are given the opportunity to obtain some experience and to give back to society. Under the care of two team leaders, all sorts of manual labor are performed. In this way, they help with tailor-made labeling and the packing of specific promotional packaging. All at their own speed and fitting their individual capacities and qualities. All of this takes place in a genuine working environment, so as to make them truly feel a part of the team.

At Codi, we really care about taking our share when it comes to social issues. Everybody is worthwhile. In our sustainability program, corporate social responsibility is a substantial part of our strategy, and besides sustainable product development and internal process optimization in order to reduce our carbon footprint, it represents a significant part of the program.

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