Sustainable, plastic free products

Our ambition is to reduce the use of plastic in our consumer products towards 100% Single-Use Plastic-free and reduce our CO2 footprint as much as possible. To achieve this, we use, among other things, biodegradable non-woven made of natural fibres without any plastic and outside the scope of the SUPD. We make use of natural liquids and packaging foil that is 100% recyclable (monolaminate). The next step will be these packages contain post-consumer reclycled content. An ongoing process that we are working on with our suppliers and customers. During manufacturing, Codi Group uses various internal programs that minimize environmental impact and reduce our CO2  footprint as much as possible. We handle raw commodities frugally as well in use as in waste.

Our elephant

“There’s an elephant in the room”, but no one talks about it…  according to an English proverb. At Codi the elephant symbolises sustainability. And at Codi we do talk about it! We take our responsibility! Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This is reflected in our people and our products. All the innovations we are implementing are focused on sustainability. In cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


Awareness also lives within our organization. We renovated our company restaurant by using sustainable materials. For example, old machine parts were reused and led lighting has been installed. A nice eyecatcher is our artwork on the wall, made of (waste) foil of our packaging. With of course, our elephant!