1.  Plastic:

  • Our goals is to reduce the use of plastic in our consumer products towards 100% Single-Use Plastic-free and reduce our CO2  footprint as much as possible. To achieve this, we offer:

    • Non-woven without any plastic and outside the scope of the SUPD
    • Recyclable foil/lid
    • Natural liquids

 2.  Waste:

  • The waste flow within our production has already been considerably reduced. Comparing to last year our waste flow is more than 10% less. We will actively continue this waste reduction.

 3.  CO2 emission:

  • By 2021 the CO2 emissions in the entire distribution chain must be reduced by 50%. For example; in all our buildings we have installed LED lighting. We are going to install a warm-cold pump system to reduce energy use. Our steam kettle will be replaced for a more energy efficient one. Besides that we have currently installed two new production lines using less energy than the older ones. Furthermore we will re-use process energy by installing compressors and most of our lease cars are electric.

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