We supply your daily dose of hygiene

Wet wipes play an ever increasing part in people’s lives. These days, consumers attach a lot of value to convenience and hygiene. That is why we are as active as we are, developing this market. Occasionally, we tend to joke: people use our products from the cradle to the grave. The availability of wet wipes is huge. You see them everywhere: in hospitals and care-centers, but also in grocery stores and supermarkets. Our goal is to help people find the right hygiene-solution. And that’s what we do. We assist retailers, manufacturers of premium brands, distributors, and institutional parties, in creating the best products for their customers.


Take a look at the video, below. Not a day goes by in life where our products do not offer a solution to all kinds of hygiene problems. Codi Group is eager to help you keep your world hygienic with our wet wipes. Meanwhile, we keep in mind how consumers’ lives are increasingly busier, and how there’s a growing desire for quick hygiene-solutions.


For as long as we keep on listening to our consumers. And for as long as we continue to create smart innovations and the products they desire. That’s how long there will never be a boring day in the world of wet wipes.